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Many years ago, in 1990, we started the production of mushroom slicing machines in rather humble working conditions, in a rented garage. That was, however, enough for the rather small production capacity at that time.

From 1993 we worked as a part of the family business "K-engineering" and in the following year we started producing machines in our own production area and therefore expanded the capacity of production, improving the quality of our products almost on daily basis.

In the late 1990s we developed and improved our model of mushroom slicing machine, thus getting the final form of today's product.

In the year 2000, we enriched our range of products by starting the production of office furniture. Today we furnish a great number of firms throughout Serbia.

In 2003 we established a completely new firm "Sedan" and started the production of a trial version of the mushroom dicing machine. We sent the machine to Turkey for a trial period, where it worked for a year. In 2004, owing to the suggestions and observations which resulted from the trial period, we removed the imperfections and started selling the final, modified product exclusively to the foreign buyers from all around the world.

In 2007 the firm "Sedan" was exporting its slicing and dicing machines to seven countries: Italy, Spain, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and China. The quality of our products was confirmed through larger demand for them. In the same year we started selling machines for curved edge banding with abs and plastic band.

From 2008 the production of furniture in our firm includes a new programme called "turn key": complete house, flat or office furnishing according to projects done by the architects. It includes supplying interiors with everything from the kitchen furniture to bedrooms of modern design.

In 2009 we are planning to start the production of machines for fixing the 0.4 to 3 mm abs and plastic bands and up to 8cm wooden band on curved edges.

Our plans for 2009 also include participation in the furniture fair, in the section for the wood processing machines where we want to present our new model of edgebander for curved edges.